Steve’s Corner April 2010

This has been a tremendous endeavor this go around! Not only did we get a big music issue, we also have the additional special issue about to come out. We are busy, busy, busy here at Down The Line! There are some cool things lined up for the future as far as more special issues, and we also have a really cool Down The Line t-shirt coming out with a great picture that Matt came up with and one of our favorite artists turned into their own.

I was really stoked to get an interview with everyone found in this issue, and I hope that you guys will check out the links found at the bottom of these reviews and articles. Dave Quiggle has a big portfolio on his website, it’s really cool to go back and take a look at how his talent has grown through the years. I have more Quiggle designs than anyone else when it comes to my tattoos, so it was a pretty cool thing to talk to him. I put a picture below of some old tattoo flash that hangs on my wall, these were Quiggle designs from years ago.

Make sure you check out the new L.S. Underground if you haven’t already. I think it’s great, probably the best yet for this listener. There is a review of the classic L.S. Underground album The Grape Prophet in the back of the ‘zine, if you follow that link you can find purchase details for the download, it’s very cool that has become available again for fans!

Okay, what’s left…? I hope everyone reading this had a great Easter, it’s a time of thanks for the amazing gift of salvation and grace. I need it more and more everyday in my life. Please continue to remember those in Haiti who have endured such tragedy, as well as the families of the victims in Chile, Japan and California. Seems everyday there is another tragic earthquake. Please continue to also remember Brian Healy and his family in your prayers, they still need miracles in regards to Brian’s health and all that comes with that. Be blessed in all that you do…

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