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Sorry for the Delay!

Life is always busy for us all, but for some reason the past few months have been really busy for those of us here at DTL. So this issue is extremely delayed and for that we apologize. We would like to get these out more often, but such is life.

For this issue Josh had the idea of doing lists of our favorite albums of 2012. This proved to be harder than it sounded, but we came up with some interesting lists for you. Not to mention the return of the “Tattoo You” feature on Sid’s Tattoo parlor. There are a ton of reviews and news bits this issue, so make sure to check them all out.

Action Spotlight:

Don’t just complain about the world – do something to change it

Freedom Firm is “dedicated to the liberation of children enslaved in commercial sexual exploitation, to their effective rehabilitation, and to justice against those who have profited from their misery. We unapologetically stand dedicated to this cause and this cause alone. We are motivated by our faith in God to conduct our work with the highest ethical standards and to allocate our resources with uncompromising stewardship. We believe that every person has immeasurable value and therefore the exploitation of any person is an unacceptable violation of their God-given value.” See www.freedom.firm.in for more details.

(Freedom Firm did not buy this ad nor do they endorse this magazine – just givin’ ya food for thought)

Print Articles:

  • Letters to Us
  • News
  • Steve’s Corner
  • Matt’s Musings and Meanderings
  • Live Report: The Choir – Magnolia, TX 10-6-2012
  • Josh’s 2012 Picks
  • Chris Taylor: “The Love Coma front man talks about his art and music”
  • Bill Mallonee: “50 records in, and still pumping out pure quality”
  • Destroy Nate Allen: An Interview by Josh Lory
  • The Radiant Dregs: “Dorf digs down and talks The Silver Chord”
  • Sid’s Tattoo Parlor
  • Various paintings by Chris Taylor


  • Glower / To Leave a Trace split
  • Living Fire – Jesus Rules
  • Crying for a Vision and Other Essays: The Collected Steve Scott Vol. One
  • Skypark – No Ambition
  • Wales Road – Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt
  • Jeff Johnson & Phil Keaggy – WaterSky
  • The Predators – Roundabout
  • Punk for the Gospel Volumes 1 & 2
  • Metanoia – Retroceder Nunca
  • The B-Attitudes – …Meaning Underneath The Sound
  • Platoon 1107 – We Glory In The Title
  • Wovenhand – The Laughing Stalk
  • Rogue Anthem – What To Believe
  • Starflyer 59 – IAMACEO
  • Fear God – God Bless The World, Not Just America
  • 180 OUT – Black and White
  • Gasoline Heart – Thanks For Everything
  • Joy Electric – Dwarf Mountain Alphabet
  • Seventh Circle – The Line (single)
  • A Common Goal – For God and Country
  • 3 Car Pile Up – Find Love
  • Lenny Smith – Who Was And Is And Is To Come
  • Seaside Holiday – Seaside Holiday
  • Forevertree –Z
  • The A-Symmetrics – Into Light EP
  • Bill Mallonee – Amber Waves
  • Soul-Junk – 1961
  • The Lonely Revolts – Remnant


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Down the Line covers bands that explored the intersection between faith and art in the 1980s through the early 1990s – even though they were probably never accepted in to what is called “Contemporary Christian Music” because they were too edgy or alternative or liberal or for whatever reason. Some of these bands may still be making music today, and others may have moved on. We cover these bands (active or dormant) as well as any new projects by former members of these bands and any new bands that may have the same spirit as these bands.



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