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The fan-funded Kickstarter success is here! Well, ready for pre-orders, at least. When some had thought that Jason Martin put SF59 to rest, he came out of nowhere to announce their first independent effort. What would SF59 sound like without the backing of Tooth & Nail? Well, they still sound really good. The values, tones, etc, are all very high quality. The album is still really short, even with 10 songs. The biggest problem with the last SF59 album (The Changing of The Guard) was that every song sounded the same. Somehow with IAMACEO, Martin & company have cracked that thin line between “monotonous” and “consistent.” Those hoping for Martin to rock out will be a bit disappointed – there are a few moments that are more aggressive than The Changing of the Guard, but this is no Americana. As I stated on the SF59 fan forum, I wish that they had added 3-4 more songs that really rocked out a bit more, raising the total to 13-14 songs. But that is a minor gripe – I still love the album as a whole. It is more contemplative and personal than any SF59 album in past. I still don’t like the cover, but I will see if it works with the overall package when the vinyl arrives.

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  1. Pretty good review, although I thought there was great sonic variety in The Changing of the Guard. In defense of the cover, I like it because it ties to his 7th album cover OLD with the young man staring darkly into the mysterious bedroom. Now, the man is older and is facing the realities of mortality head-on. I also see this album as the 3rd in a series of albums where the lyrics are about the loss of Jason’s father. I wondered if perhaps the man on the cover was Jason’s dad.

    Either way, I think it’s a solid album.

    • I liked Changing of the Guard a lot, and there was a lot of sonic variety… but every song tended to sound the same despite all that. But I could pick any song and listen to it and love it. But that was just my opinion of it.

      Someone asked the band about the guy on the cover, and turns out it is just some ransom person they hired for the photo shoot.

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