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Getting the Word Out

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Basement Tapes podcast by Mike Indest, I would recommend doing so right now! Mike interviews each artist/band and plays several of their songs, so there is a great mix of music and words to chew on.

We are also kicking around several ideas here at DTL. The new website is being rolled out in pieces – those of you that have visited recently might have noticed some changes. Many social features are being added, but it is still a work in progress.

One idea we are kicking around is how to promote the music we feature here. We don’t want to go the route of a traditional record label because, well…. none of us are that rich. But we are open to any creative ideas that you have. Contact us and let us know!

Action Spotlight:

Don’t just complain about the world – do something to change it

Spilling Hope is “about changing the way we live so we can support a better world for everyone. Beginning on Easter Sunday, April 24, you’re invited to join us for our 50-day campaign, during which we will simplify our lives, learn about issues surrounding water and poverty, and then give generously so that we can provide access to clean water and empower churches in East Africa. Are you up to the challenge?” See their web page at for more details. They are also offering a free music compilation featuring Doug Burr, Seryn, Half-Handed Cloud, Denison Witmer, and more. (Spilling Hopedid not buy this ad nor do they endorse this magazine – just givin’ ya food for thought)

Print Articles:

  • Letters to Us
  • News
  • Steve’s Corner
  • Matt’s Musings and Meanderings
  • Terry Scott Taylor: “Daniel Amos Hits The Road Again”
  • Mikee Bridges: “Catching Up with the Founder of TomFest”
  • Mini Mendez & The Holidays: “one of Broken Records first and finest”
  • Dann Gunn: “Chattin’ With Dann Gunn”
  • Tony Valenziano: “The heart and soul of The Stand talks to us about the history behind Heartbreak Town”
  • Johnny X: “Standing Upright With The Altar Billies”
  • John Piccari: “being able to embrace the mystery that God is”
  • “What Happened to Rock ‘N’ Roll?” By Joshua Lory
  • Vaga Angel Two (2011) by Rick McDonough


  • Swarm Of Bats – There Is No Tomorrow
  • Klank – Numb… Reborn
  • Bill Mallonee and Muriah Rose – Songs of Heartland & Grieving
  • Derri Daugherty – Clouds Echo in Blue
  • eymard – ambient tracks for film: one
  • Map – Pistols and Pearls
  • The Stand – Replay
  • John Piccari – Exorcising Ghosts
  • The Violet Burning – The Story Of Our Lives
  • Elim Hall – The Collection
  • The Stand – Heartbreak Town
  • Ransom – Ransom
  • Marc Plainguet – World Media
  • The Walter Eugenes – The Walter Eugenes
  • Kissing Cousins – Unfortunate End
  • Human 2.7 – Circuit of Heaven
  • Upside Down Room – Let’s Go For a Ride
  • Shattered Pain – Shattered Pain ep


EDITORS: Matt Crosslin and Steve Ruff
MARKETING: Ulike-a Youtellafriend
WRITERS: Steve Ruff, Matt Crosslin, Joshua Lory, Bill Mallonee
COVER IMAGE: Terry Scott Taylor by Jimmy Abegg
LAYOUT: Matt Crosslin
WEB DESIGN: Matt Crosslin for Monsoon River Designs




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Down the Line covers bands that explored the intersection between faith and art in the 1980s through the early 1990s – even though they were probably never accepted in to what is called “Contemporary Christian Music” because they were too edgy or alternative or liberal or for whatever reason. Some of these bands may still be making music today, and others may have moved on. We cover these bands (active or dormant) as well as any new projects by former members of these bands and any new bands that may have the same spirit as these bands.



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  1. Does anyone know the set list of songs for the current Daniel Amos tour? I’ll be catching the show on June 18th in Wilmington, Oh

  2. Thanks for reprinting the Dann Gunn interview, I was one of those fans that was floating around out there I bought their demo tape after seeing an ad in CCM magazine and was amazed at the noise that came from that tape. It wasn’t until much later, ’97, that I first saw their REX release while at C-Stone and got excited to know they had more stuff. As with most things the tape and CD disappeared into the atmosphere but I still remember the music.

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