ambient tracks for film: one by eymard

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This is the latest project from Rick McDonough – who has his talented hands in many pots at this point. He also fronts Hidden From Blackout, is a member of While Rome is Burning, Paravell and one of the two members of Struck Last May (the other member being Michael Knott). I’m not sure where the name eymard originates from, although there is the Apostle of the Eucharist whose name is Saint Peter Julian Eymard. I’m not sure if there is a connection there, but it is interesting nonetheless. This project is a keyboard based ambient project and it creates a unique atmosphere that seems to actually transcend regular ambient projects. The sounds are sharp and crisp, but heavily layered in with a warm and rich tone that speaks in colors and textures, in tones and vibration. The music vacillates from dense and brooding to sparse and isolated. The expression here is multi-dimensional and the emotion is thick. This album is a journey, a fluid passage of sonic energy that shines.

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