The Story Of Our Lives by The Violet Burning

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There is so much to say about this latest offering from The Violet burning… where to begin? First let me say that this is a huge release, three discs with 34 songs in total, a full color 80 page booklet complete with the lyrics and some brilliant artwork and photographs. The packaging alone is great. I was really surprised at how nice the box was – and the concept behind the artwork is great. Because this is titled The Story of Our Lives, the box comes as a fold out that resembles a book.

To try and review briefly would be a difficult thing. Also, it would be much more fun for you, the reader, to get more of an inside view into what is going on with this album. The three parts make a triptych concept that is challenging at times, emotionally driven, diverse and exhilaratingly beautiful in idea and execution. The influences here are broad; I would say this is the ‘heaviest’ album that they have ever put out. Layered guitar work, layered vocals and tons of ambiences grace these discs in abundance. I can hear everything from early Smashing Pumpkins to Black Sabbath and then back again from Pink Floyd to The Cure on here. There is a diverse sound that is grand, and the music tells as much of the story as the lyrics. The music is the perfect vehicle here for the concept.

This is a must have for any fan of The Violet Burning. What I am planning to do is cover this much more in depth in the upcoming issue as well as on my blog. It’s too big to cover here, but check this one out and buy one now… everyone is recommending this one: from Ojo Taylor to Derri Daugherty to Brian Healy.

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