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Flying Tart Records

Name: Flying Tart Records
Founded: 1990
Founder: Alex Parker
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Flying Tart was an independent record label based in Nashville, Tennessee, founded in 1990 by Alex Parker (former employee of R.E.X. Music). In 1996 it was purchased by Light Records.



Situation Taboo Protodemo 1993
U-38400M Sunday's Child Payment/D.G.S. ‎(7”) 1994
[none] The Throes I Like To Eat Fish (7”) 1994
[none] Joe Christmas Coupleskate (7”) 1995
[none] Plague of Ethyls Abandonded ep (7”) 1995
TART 1001 Scaterd Few Out of the Attic 1994
TART 1005 Breakfast With Amy Live at the Hawleywould Bowl 1995
TART 1008 Fluffy Sugar Pistol 1995
TART 1010 Various Artists Live Long and Perspire – Sub Tart Vol. 1 1995
TART 1011 Spy Glass Blue Spy Glass Blue (7”) 1995
TART 1021.5 Splendora Bootleg Pre–release Version 1996
[none] Various Artists 4 Songs About Motorcycles (7”) 1995
LDD9992 Various Artists Sweet Family Music (Tribute to Stryper) 1996
LDD9994 Aleixa Honey Lake 1996
LDD9995 Various Artists Fluffy vs. Phantasmic 1996
LDD9997 The Huntingtons Sweet Sixteen 1996
FTC-3001 Aleixa Unloved / Whirling Within (single) 1996
FTD 5248 Duraluxe Rock Music with Singing 1997
51416 1258-2 Six Feet Deep The Road Less Traveled 1996
51416 4625 2 Six Feet Deep Apathetic / Narrow / More In Sorrow ‎(single) 1996
51416 5242-2 Various Artists Starball Contribution 1996
51416 5243-2 The Julies Lovelife 1996
51416 5244-2 Left Out Pride Kills 1996
51416 5245-2 Various Artists Christmas in Heaven 1996
51416 5253-2 One-21 In the Year King Uzziah Died 1997
51416 5254-2 Situation Tabboo Digitalis 1997
51416 5272-2 The Huntingtons The Only One EP 1997
51416 5286-2 The Huntingtons Fun and Games 1997
51416 1290-2 Phantasmic I Light Up Your Life 1998
51416 1309-2 Circle of Dust Disengage 1998
51416 1393-2 Left Out Serve Self 1998
51416 1366-2 Various Artists God-Core Chronicles Volume I & 2 1998
51416 5439-2 Sixpence None the Richer Collage: A Portrait of Their Best 1998
[unreleased] Cricket [untitled]
[unreleased] Various Artists Flying Tart Salutes The Bat City Rollers
[unreleased] Breakfast With Amy Green J*llo With Oatmeal (7”)
[unreleased] The Huntingtons Rockets to Ramonia
[unreleased] One-21 [live album]
[unreleased] Scaterd Few [glow in the dark record]


Alex Parker said that the “band” Marriage is Madness that did the song “Free” on the Christmas in Heaven compilation was Zach from Joe Christmas and a friend of his.

Six Feet Deep's The Road Less Traveled album was originally released by R.E.X. Music, while Flying Tart licensed it for general market release. Flying Tart changed the cover without the band's knowledge and they were horrified. Matt Traxler is rumored to have said “It looks like something I'd make fun of”.

There were many announced albums that never came to be: a One-21 live album, a The Huntingtons Rock 'n Roll Radio ep (that was eventually released in a few different ways down the road), and a Joe Christmas release.

Aleixa had a cassette demo - it was recorded for Flying Tart and sold to Liquid Disc Records.

12 Point Buck is Billy from Thee Pirates/Blackjacks/Raised by Wolves/Vicious Cycles.

There is also an unreleased industrial remix of a Fluffy song from their first record, remixed by Celldweller that contains a sample recording of A.A. Allen casting a demon out of a woman.

DigHayZoose did a demo for Flying Tart as well. It is on their Facebook site.

Rumor is that a popular ska band did a demo with Flying Tart before they got signed.

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