Steve’s Corner July 2010

There are a couple of things I want to make sure that I note in this issue. These things came in and I forgot to get them to Matt in time. Herb Grimaud’s project The Sound Gallery will be hopefully working on some new music soon, but in the meantime Herb is releasing all Sound Gallery albums for free downloads at If you are into dark ambient music the Sound Gallery is right up your alley. Also tune in to the new band that Herb is in, Stranger Kings, as they release new music track by track.

Due to legal reasons, Josh Lory has changed the name of his group from Western Grace to Patriots of the Wasteland. Also, for the first time we are featuring an article by Josh in this issue, typically he writes a bunch of reviews but this time he decided to do both. Check out his picture and see his new baby girl as well, congratulations to him and Brenda!

I hope that everyone reading enjoys this issue, sorry that it was late getting out, that was my fault. I’m really pleased with all the people we were able to interview, it was a bunch of fun to do. What else? I saw Bill Mallonee and his wife Muriah Rose play again a few weeks ago. They are amazing artists who never cease to wow me each time I see them. There is an amazing project in the works that pertains to Bill, keep your eyes and ears open. Until the next time, be blessed in all that you do…

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