Steve’s Corner October 2010

I feel like I am always apologizing for the current issue being late. This one is once again a bit behind, but the next one is well underway and I am making my best attempts to get all my stuff in to Matt on time for the next one. Sometimes life gets in the way. We have some cool things in the works, thanks for hanging in and reading the issues as they come out. This one was cool to do, I regret it coming out after Halloween with the cool tattoo spread that we did.

The Fall season is upon us, and November looks like a good month. So far I have a Bill Mallonee show on the calendar, as well as tickets to see Nick Cave’s band Grinderman. There is so much great music out there and this issue is packed with tremendous artists, and we have a bunch of new artists in our reviews section as well.

I wanted to also say something about how cool I think it was for me to go back and listen to this part two interview with Sterling. I have said before how much I really enjoy listening to people and seeing the journey that they are on. Sterling has been really open and let us in on the path that he is on as he is trying to figure out where all the pieces fit in his own life. In this part of the interview it is hard to really convey the emotion that was going on if you were not there listening to the conversation, but it was heavy with emotion, with tears and with truth. I offer thanks again for Sterling taking the time, and we will have one more to go with him next issue.

Also, Matt and I need to figure out a good contest. Sterling donated the original artwork to the Veil of Ashes album The Young and Reckless: The Regression of Veil of Ashes. It is an awesome piece of artwork! So keep an eye out for that!

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