DTL Live Report: The 77s 6-20-2008

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I was super excited to see this show. If you have ever seen the 77’s live you know that they put on a great performance. This was the first stop on their brand new Holy Ghost Building Tour, and it was also the release date of the new record. To top it all off I was recording the show as well, which is a cool thing that the 77’s and their management allow fans to do, it certainly keeps the trading circles buzzing. This was the first time that I have seen Roe & Co. live since 1999. It has been almost 10 years.

The Seventy Sevens came out swinging, and it was the classic line up of Michael Roe, Mark Harmon, David Leonhardt and Bruce Spencer. The played several new tunes from the brand new album including “I’m Working On A Building”, “Stranger Won’t You Change Your Sinful Ways” and “Keep Your Lamps, Trimmed And Burning”, as well as some classic songs like “Self Made Trap”, “I Can’t Get Over It” and always the favorite “The Lust, The Flesh The Eyes and The Pride Of Life.” One of the best points in the show came when they covered The Doors classic “Riders Of The Storm.”  Michael sounds eerily like Jim Morrison and the band nailed the music note for note.

I would have loved a longer set, but they did play for a good hour and a half, maybe just a bit more, and hearing “Someone New” and “BaBaBaBa” for the encore was simply amazing. After almost three decades of great music, I enjoy more now the direction the band is heading in with their sound and with covering some great gospel and almost country/folksy tunes. If you don’t have Holy Ghost Building, you can purchase it through their website found at www.the77s.com

– Steve Ruff

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