Homeboys by Adam Again

homeboysADAM AGAIN

1990 Broken Records
Review by: Steve Ruff

This is one of my favorite records that Adam Again did. With each release these guys grew as a band and you can hear the depth come through on every release. Again, for me, Gene’s lyrics were always genius. The songs that he chose to cover really conveyed a message and a theme that one typically did not hear anyone else tackling in the Christian scene at the time. The cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues” is amazing. “Homeboys,” the title track, is a reflection of Gene’s youth and where he grew up, but there is also a undercurrent that always speaks to me of racial equality in that song. “Bad News on the Radio” is one of the most descriptive stories that conveys emotion and really drives it home to the listener… I have always thought that track was unparalleled. Riki Michele, Steve Hindalong and Terry Taylor also contributed lyrics here, as well as the band welcoming Jon Knox on the drums. “This Band Is Our House” speaks to the cohesiveness of the band and how they were a family… “No Regrets” is really haunting at this point, a very final and sad way to close out the record. Musically the band sounds very tight and together. Dan Michael’s sax playing was always so unique to the band, and gave them a flavor unlike any other groups that were out there. All in all, one of the best releases (in my opinion), and a sort of guide for the direction that the band was heading.

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