Infinite Titanic Immortal by A Hill To Die Upon

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I have to admit that I never got black metal when I first heard it. I think I was trying to listen to it as if it were death metal, but there are subtle differences. Black metal is more like alternative death metal… if that makes sense. I went in to listening to the debut CD from A Hill To Die Upon a skeptic and came out a fan. Of course, reading other reviews online, it seems that Infinite Titanic Immortal is considered one of the better black metal releases of the year – so maybe that was what helped convert me. The opening instrumental track sounds like a modern-day Viking call to war. The brutality just continues from there on out. But the brutality is not just created by playing all the instruments at breakneck speeds – although that does frequently happen. There are also many subtle and obvious touches of atmosphere throughout the songs that work quite well. Whether you are the type of person that loves all extreme music or just has the occasional itch for extreme music – this album will be just the fix for you.

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