Prayers & Lowsongs by Greg Lawless

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greg-lawless1GREG LAWLESS

2000 Galaxy 21 Music
Purchase: eBay
Review by: Steve Ruff

Greg Lawless is perhaps best known as the guitar player in Adam Again, but this solo effort was completely different from what you heard from him in the band. Lawless actually recorded this solo album before Gene Eugene passed away in 2000. It wasn’t released until the Gene Eugene Cornerstone Tribute CD came out and was included as a ’bonus’ disc. Greg’s playing with the band has always been flawless and unique, but his solo record is straight acoustic and somewhat pensive. The lyrics are poetic in every sense, and the topics range from fatherhood to faith to the never-ending love that God has for his children. This was much different than what I expected, but I genuinely appreciate this record and believe that Lawless was allowed to really shine here with his playing and singing. The listener is treated to Greg solo, and he stands well by himself. I wish that he had more solo albums available, but so far this is it… hopefully there will be more on the horizon, and hopefully soon. This one is out of print so eBay might be the best place to find it. Just look for the Gene Eugene Cornerstone 2000 Tribute (see cover on the left) and put it in, push play, sit back, pay attention and enjoy.

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