Ten Songs by Adam Again


1988 Broken Records
2002 Lo-Fidelity Records
Review by: Steve Ruff

Ten Songs was originally released in 1988, and then re-released in 2002 through Lo-Fidelity Records. A definite classic that is probably the hardest to find anywhere. While still recorded with programmed drums, this record was a definite step away from their first release. Ten songs just sounds much more cohesive to me. This is where I think Gene’s lyrics really started to come into their own and shine. While still “Christian” in perspective and reflection, themes here include equality, honesty, consequence and longing. I think this record is where Greg’s guitar playing really starts to come to the front and have a chance to shine as well. My favorite thing about this album was that lyrics like these were truly unique at this point in the Christian music scene. Gene had the ability to really challenge the listener and make them think. A definite ‘alternative’ release. Good luck finding this one if you don’t already have it. Sometimes you can find the cassette on eBay, and if you do, snatch it up and just convert it to digital.

“Today if I called you
Would you tell me I’m wrong,
With the way I’ve come to believe
Will I ever belong ?”… “Eyes Wide Open”

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