The Skin of Whippets by Charity Empressa

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2002 Velvet Blue Music
Review by: Steve Ruff

I’ll be honest… I bought this CD without knowing anything at all about it. I didn’t know who was in the band or what style of music this was. Not usually the way I buy music, but I bought this because Gerard did the cover artwork and I wanted to add this to my collection of Gerard related items. The Skin Of Whippets is a collaborative effort put on by Frank Lenz and Eric Campuzano. These two guys have an obvious long history in the music scene. Lenz has played with everyone under the son, including Cush, SF59, Daniel Amos and Mortal just to name a few, as well as putting out several solo records. Campuzano was a member in The Prayer Chain & Cush, heads up Northern Records and plays in The Lassie Foundation. This disc has 7 tracks and clocks in at just under 40 minutes. This is ambient, shoe gazing at it’s finest… the kind where you just sit back and let the music play – it drones, whines, cries and carries you far away into the place that you often find somewhere back between your dreams and the static in your mind. This record kind of encompasses all – sometimes it is minimal and other times it’s dense. Sonically lush and never in a hurry to get somewhere you don’t want to go, it is well worth the purchase.

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