Whispers In Rage by The Last Dance

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The Last Dance is a great band, and this album is solid! I bought this disc years ago and it fell to the bottom of the pile quickly because I sometimes buy too much music and I overlook and forget about things. A couple of weeks back I was digging through some discs and came across Whispers In Rage. I popped it in and I have listened to it every day since – literally every day for the last 3 weeks. I was describing the sound to someone else and I said it was a dash of Peter Murphy mixed with equal parts Sisters Of Mercy and Depeche Mode. This disc rocks and should be listened to loud! The thing that grabs me most musically is the synth pop that is peppered throughout most tracks, and then run over at a high rate of speed by the guitar work and drumming bass lines. It is a wonder that these guys have not blown up and become a huge band. The bands homepage sums it up, “There is an expression, in which a true musician ignites solely through his emotions. He is wise of his surroundings that profoundly affect his daily life. He sees life not through rose-colored glasses, but through a veil of expression. He experiences mental and physical injury, which leaves no other choice but to manipulate emotions through music. The musician, like any artist, cannot exist – cannot survive – cannot grow without the healing salve of expression. Not until then, will he feel the healing that beckons. For The Last Dance, writing Whispers In Rage was not a choice, it was release.”

[2003 Dancing Ferret Discs | Purchase: TheLastDance.com]

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