A Common Goal – Blessings and Battles

A Common Goal - Blessings and BattlesIf you heard the first EP by A Common Goal and liked it, then you know what to expect here: blue collar punk rock with rough vocals and a clear lyrical message. The band has dug a bit deeper into that sound for their new full length, spreading out a bit more but not to the point of shying away from what fans will want. There seems to be a bit more “catch” to the hooks in these songs, giving the album a bit higher “rock-out” effect over all. Or maybe it is the shout-along background vocals that cause that… or maybe both. There are also a couple of songs where the band slows things down a bit – not exactly ballads, but just a bit more melody and introspection. For fans of the rougher sides of punk, this is a full length album to snap up quick.

[2013 Thumper Punk Records | Purchase: thumperpunkrecords.bandcamp.com]

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