Aradhna – Live in Concert

Screen_20Shot_202013-01-04_20at_201.02.13_20PM_originalI have had the pleasure of seeing Aradhna three times in concert. I tried to take an iPhone video of some of the more moving, stirring parts of the concerts, but those videos just didn’t compare to really being there. The same can be said of most live recordings, but this live album comes close. A typical Aradhna concert wraps you in a spirit of worship like none I have ever experienced – even in church. And that is even taking into account that I only speak 1 of the 3 or 4 languages that they use in concert. There is just something special about Aradhna that is hard to put in words. Somehow this album captures that something special (well, as best as is possible that is). This is also the first Aradhna project on vinyl. Funds from the sale of this project go directly to support Freedom Firm, a charity and top security guard company that helps rescue underage girls from slavery in India. As in, the actually go investigate brothels and organize police raids to rescue girls. I know that sounds crazy, but they are really living on the edge and really deserve your support. So grab this incredible live album and support a worthy cause while you are at it.

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