Blood Red by Low and Behold

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I was pretty excited when I saw the announcement for this release. Low & Behold is Jason Martin from SF59 and Ryan Clark most notably from Demon Hunter… but I am more of fan of his work in Focal Point and Training for Utopia. I think Clark has huge talent and I was actually glad to see him do something outside of Demon Hunter, which has become pretty formulaic at this point. Martin is pretty solid at anything he puts his hands on and it is always a treat to hear him branch out with something new. The packaging on this LP is top notch! This is a 12” vinyl single with the title track “Blood Red,” and the b-side “Violent Sound.” The music has a heavy Depeche Mode vibe to it, but definitely has a unique twist that plays from both artists strengths. The record is dark red in color and comes in a gatefold cover with double sided artwork. Definitely impressive artwork and music, bring on the full length!

[2011 Burnt Toast Vinyl | Purchase:]

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