Christ’s Sake – Christ’s Sake

a2516558749_2I’m trying to figure out who Christ’s Sake sounds like. There is something about the vocals that sounds familiar. Online I see them recommended for fans of The Ramones, The Clash, Black Flag, and Social Distortion. Maybe the vocals sounds like all of those mixed together – but at times I hear the influence of about a dozen hair metal bands. But there is no denying that this is punk, so I am sure punk fans will love this. I am listening and wishing for a few more curveballs or different influences to shine through. I know punk rock is not supposed to be the most original genre in the world, but for 13 songs you need a bit more diversity. There are some acoustic tracks on the second half that help. The lyrics are straight forward Christian lyrics, so if you have been missing out on some of the Christian punk of the 90s, this will fit the bill.

[2013 Thumper Punk Records | Purchase:]

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