Cush – SP3

Cush - SP3After years and years of promise, Cush is back. If you have been following the band’s website for long enough, you have heard most of these songs. The deal with Cush is that they never sound the same from outing to outing, but still somehow retain some characteristics that sound familiar. This description can be pretty much be applied to their third Spirituals ep – different but familiar. No band members are mentioned, which means that most discussions of the band will revolve around who is in the band rather than the actual music (the anonymous band thing always backfires). This is too bad, because whoever they are, the band delivers yet another set of songs that is atmospheric, hopeful, spiritual, eclectic, and everything else you have come to expect from Cush. The driving “All My Eyes Knew” and “For The First Time“ seem to serve as dual album centerpieces and high points. “For The First Time” is basically a spoken word rendition of the U2 classic that really works better than it should. This ep was up briefly for a free download, is currently now only available as a stream, but will be sold again in the future (maybe on vinyl?) – so keep your eyes peeled if you want to own the next Cush classic.

[2013 Northern Records | Listen:]

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