Eymard – Light

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a3183568554_2If you’re reading this then hopefully you know who Rick McDonough is. If you don’t, this is a good place to start. Rick is a musician, a photographer, a family man and a genuine purveyor of electronic wizardry. This eymard project of Rick’s is just one of many outlets…he’s one half of the duo that is Struck Last May with Michael Knott, his indie band is Hidden From Blackout, he plays in Paravell as well as contributing to While Rome is Burning, and I’m sure there is more that I just can’t recollect right now. So, on to this impressive release…

Eymard first released Ambient Tracks for Film:One back in 2011. This is a much different release from the first album; the direction of that project was full of surprises and sonic enticing. This release, titled Light, seems a bit more playful and energetic. While it is full of layers and dimensions, the layers all coalesce to form a grand design that takes the listener in. There’s a whimsical anticipation from the first track that builds through each and every song. When you fully engage this album it becomes very hypnotic and relaxing… almost as if anticipating the arrival of a newly discovered truth. At times it feels like the connection between dreams and ideas. I highly suspect that the birth of Rick’s daughter played heavily into the recording of these songs, because there is the unhindered sense of wonder that echos through each track. There’s a hope that reverberates with each listen. Each song plays a part in the story that culminates in the unique and joyous final track, where once again we hear Rick team up with Knott for a truly original song that can only be found when these two play together.

Do yourself a favor and get your hands on this release! While you’re at it, scoop up the first eymard release as well. If you like ambient sound scapes you will enjoy both of these albums. You can fill your ears and support independent music that needs a voice.

[2014 Hill Deg Maria Records | eymard.bandcamp.com]

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