Glenn Rowlands & Robert Powell – American Jesus

American-JesusSomehow I knew this one was coming and then it slipped my mind. I have been a fan of Glenn Rowlands ever since I first landed a Wicked’s End tape back in the early 90s. Then he released his first solo tape and I was hooked. Rowlands connected with Powell to release a few more solo CDs and then disappeared off the face of the Earth. It seems he feel on some hard times, but got his life back together and re-appeared in the middle of last decade on MySpace. This album appears to be a digital only release. If you were a fan of Rowlands’ classic-rock inspired musings, this album will be a must have for your collection. I don’t know how Rowlands keeps connecting with that his inner rock star, but I am glad he does. The album title can tell you that this collection of songs is not about happy “Go Jesus” cheerleader music… but Rowlands never was anyways. Also some nods back to his older catalog like “Jesus Weeps Again.” Seems that Mr. Rowlands and some friends are still out there making music – I need to catch up on that ASAP.

[2010 Independent | Purchase: Amazon, iTunes, etc]

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