Insomniac Folklore – A Place Where Runaways are not Alone

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Matt introduced me to this band, so I checked them out and was immediately pleased with the sound. These folks hail from Portland, OR and have developed a hodge podge style that mixes folk, rock, elements of punk and an overall sense of good times and sideshow antics. Led by Dr. Folklore (Rev. Tyler Hentschel), the bands bio is a tale told by a storyteller that weaves a yarn and leaves you guessing. The music is fun, Hentschel’s voice is deep and uneven which is quite perfect for the band. There are definite elements of bands like Wovenhand, maybe even Tom Waits is conjured up, but I wouldn’t say that Insomniac Folklore is of the caliber of those acts. That isn’t a dig either – I like Insomniac Folklore. It is steam punk-y and a good time with plenty of staying power. I’m going to check out their back catalog, and I look forward to what comes next.

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