James and Evander – Constellating EP + 2

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James and Evander are one of the latest groups to join the roster over at Velvet Blue Music – which is a great thing for a new band. Velvet Blue continues to stretch and redefine the story of solid output from an indie label that really cares about the artist and the music they offer. James and Evander dropped this little EP called Constellating + 2 several months back and I snapped it up right away. I was immediately drawn to the lush notes and the relaxed atmosphere and vibe that came through the speakers. It is definite electronic pop music, but more dreamy and ethereal than dance pop. These guys could fit well on a bill with the likes of M83. There are three songs here and 2 extras that are remixes (the title track “Constellating” and the second track “Slap Bracelets”). The third track is titled “Really Real” and makes for a short, but genuine, first EP with Velvet Blue. If you get this through iTunes it is a mere $3.99! You can purchase in FLAC format through their bandcamp site, and you can get a hard copy for only $5.00! The hardcopy also comes with an immediate download which is cool. These are great sounds that will please your ears!

[2011 Velvet Blue Music | Purchase: jamesandevander.bandcamp.com]

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