Nate Houge – Reform Follows Function

I don’t know about you, but the title of this CD always makes me sit and think for a while. The music on the disc has the same effect – take for example the line “Where have all the heretics gone?” So many “heroes of the faith” through the centuries were branded as heretics. Are the people we label as heretics today actually speaking blasphemy or reform? At first I wasn’t sure if I liked this album or not, but listening more it has become quite the grower. Houge has an alternative Americana folk rock vibe going that falls somewhere between Daniel Amos and Bill Mallonee. This album is indie all the way but with clean and clear production qualities. A great find that deserves a wider audience.

[2011 Independent | Purchase:]

  1. Not only is each song unique and well-performed, but this album just helped me give my boss of nearly 25 years my letter of resignation.

    Moving towards uncertainty, I sung in a totally different context, “the truth is Our Way Out”. I followed in the journey in “All We Can Do”. And “Take Your Time” was my rebellious battle cry – “I will not be captive, behind my barricades.”

    This music keeps the complexity, honesty, and mystery of the living under the cross. I’m grateful to Nate for a whole rockin’ singable album.

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