Nina Llopis – Unveiled (part-1)

unveiled-part1With the piano intro to the first track, you kind of wonder if Nina has mellowed since her time with The Lead or as a solo artist on various labels. But about 45 seconds into that same track, you realize that this is by far her heaviest solo effort to date.  I haven’t heard worship music this intense in a long time. This ep is worship music that I can listen to any time – unlike the corporate mess that is currently called “modern worship.” I would even say that these songs are very gothic in places. I love how the lyrics are corporate and upward focused: “we” and “us” as well as “you Lord” are terms that are so missing in today’s worship. The only problem is that this is a four song ep. I want a whole album, or even a double album. But it is part-1, so I hope we see a part-2 coming soon.

[2009 Independent | Purchase: iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc]

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