Pacifico – Without Heroes

PacificoWith so many of our musical heroes making new music, it is easy to forget that there are high quality new bands making music. Pacifico has released an album that can stand toe to toe with many of their peers and mentors to compete for a limited spot in my listening time. These songs are just so catchy that you just have to wonder what conspiracy is keeping them from being a huge hit. Well, other than the fact that these are songs played with real instruments… something that doesn’t fly in today’s hit charts. No, what you get here is the proverbial “too good for Top 20 anything” music. Being a vinyl fan I went for the large plastic platter version and the package does not disappoint. I could go on and on about this record, but if you like catchy alternative guitar-based music that will get stuck in your head for days, give them a listen at their BandCamp page and you’ll be hooked. That is a guarantee.

[2013 Independent | Purchase:]

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