Seaside Holiday – Grand Tours

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Seaside Holiday returns with the follow-up album to their impressive 2012 self-titled debut. Right out of the gate, “Wartime Reflections” strikes a very intriguing balance of electronic and indie rock… or “dream pop” as their BandCamp page labels it. That seems to be a good label: some of their songs lean to the electronica/darkwave side, others lean towards the indie/lo-fi side, but they all have a dreamy atmosphere compiled with a pop sensibility. There is also a good sense of 80s throwback on this one, but not in the cliché sense that many bands are using today. This is more like deep underground 80s new wave throwback of an Erasure B-side remix more than someone trying to be the modern A-Ha. Just check out “Etchings of Yesterday” if you are a child of the 80s and you will know what I am talking about. Throw in the occasional non-standard song structure for good measure, and you pretty much have Seaside Holiday’s sound. They throw a lot of variety into a mix of familiar genres to come up with something unique and engaging. I highly recommend checking this out.

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