The Ocean Blue – Ultramarine

ultramariceYou either love The Ocean Blue or you just haven’t heard of them. Or you just aren’t into jangy-dreamy-alterna-indie pop. The Ocean Blue is pretty much one of the best at that sound, and now they are back with a new album. I know what you are thinking – when bands like this disappear for a while and then come back with an independent album, they are usually a mere shadow of their former self. Not so with Ultramarine. This CD could easily set next to their first three albums and hold its own. Every song makes you stop and think “wasn’t that on such-and-such album?” But it wasn’t – it is just good enough to have been. Of course, it is not all about re-hashing the glory days – The Ocean Blue tries several new musical ideas with this release. They are basically a band that is moving forward without forgetting where they came from or who put them there. With music of this high caliber coming out of the Ocean Blue camp, we can all hope that this is a permanent reunion and not just a one-off.

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  1. Yes…Just finished listening to the new CD. Excellent, especially “Blow your Mind”, “Sad Night, Where Is The Morning Light” & “Latin Blues”. One of the few bands I can press “repeat” on my work Cd player and not tire of. Incredibly under-rated, under-appreciated group. Hope to see them soon.

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