Veil of Ashes – Eternal Teenage Angst

veilofashesSo it turns out all of those whispers and rumors about Veil of Ashes that have persisted for years and years are really true. For the faithful that have waited for the truth to be reveled for a few decades, we now have the whole the story. The long lost last recordings have been unleashed. And not only released, but collected with some pre-production demos, live tracks, and a new cover tune. Yep, the VoA boys got together and paid tribute to Brian Healy by recording “Reach.” For long time fans, this is all you need to know. But for the rest that for some reason need convincing? Its Veil of Ashes. They excel at cover songs. So “Reach” is worth the price of admission alone. But they also excel at original songs. The next three songs are the last recordings before the band called it a day. Some might even say the best songs of their career. Most definitely 90’s alternative at its best. Then you are treated to eight pre-production demos from Mr. Sunshine. A bit more raw than the final versions, but that is a plus to many people. Finally, you get five songs recorded live at Cornerstone in 1988 – some of which you also may have never heard. At least in this early of a form. All for $5? You can’t go wrong here.

[2013 Independent | Purchase:]

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