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Martin Brothers Timeline


  • Ronnie and Jason formed a techno band called Link of the Haunted. Pet Shop Boys was a major influence on their sound.
  • They changed their band name to Two Lads.
  • Their first live performance was at a Mexican buffet for their high school's senior banquet.
  • Two Lads recorded a demo that contained the first version of “We'll Last So Long.”


  • Ronnie and Jason formed a new wave rock band and called it Chant of the Flowered Underground.
  • Ronnie played guitar, Jason played drums, and a friend of theirs named Randi Lamb played bass.
  • They changed the name of their band to The Chant and recorded one demo.
  • They changed the name to Morella’s Forest 1988 after signing to Narrowpath Records.
  • As they played local shows, Jason's high-school friend Jeff Cloud would come watch them play.
  • Recorded one demo as Morella’s Forest 1988.
  • They recorded a ten-song album called Tales for Narrowpath Records, but wanted to re-record it. Ronnie and Jason were just 18 and 16 when it was recorded.
  • Tales was originally scheduled to be released in Fall 1989, but was delayed.





  • Hester Prynnes recorded about 17 songs and put together a demo.
  • Hester Prynnes changed names to Starflyer 2000. Andrew Larsen was a member of Starfyler 2000, but he may have also been a member of Hester Prynnes.
  • Dance House Children released Rainbow Rider: Beautiful Dazzling Music No. 1 for Siren Records.
  • Starflyer 2000 planned to record a release for Siren Records, but the label folded before it was recorded.
  • Jason met Brandon Ebel at a California music festival and gave him a copy of his demo.
  • Ebel signed Jason to a short contract to Tooth & Nail Records, which he had just started. At some point, Starflyer 2000 became Starflyer 59.
  • Ronnie began writing his fourth album as Dance House Children - originally to be called Beautiful Dazzling Music No. 2.



(…to be continued…)