Blast From Oblivion – To Hell And Back

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Blast From Oblivion - To Hell And BackIn the darkest corners of Punk Rock sub genres you will find Horror Punk, a scene that has been around since Punk Rocks early beginnings with bands like the Damned, the Undead, and the Misfits. It’s one of my favorite sub genres because it has yet to be tainted by corporate hands. Most bands in the genre lack in the originality department and come off as Danzig and Michale Graves clones, while others like the short lived Pitch Black took it in a different direction with a Skate Punk vibe. The debut from Blast From Oblivion is an original, mixing elements of Street Punk and Thrash as well as some melodic Goth moments. Great album start to finish: driving beats, gruff vocals, lyrics are are strong, good melodic guitar, all handled by one man named Splatter Guts, whom I think handled the production as well. Solid release from the Sky Burns Black label, look forward to hearing more from B.F.O. If you enjoy high octane Punk Rock, get this!

[2015 Sky Burns Black | Purchase:]

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  1. Miranda

    Fantastic Review! I agree completely with everything. Splatter Guts is an amazing artist! You can hear the passion in his music & voice. Can’t wait for the new album!

  2. Ronnie

    Awesome! I am not a fan of being screamed at for the entire song but the guitar work is fantastic and I hope to see a new album soon.

  3. Kevin Vanderstouw

    Blast from Oblivion is a one man representation of an army created by loneliness and longing while feeling misunderstanding of others. The style comes together nicely in a way most if not all of us can relate to. I heard this album release on the last exit for the lost radio and found the rest of the songs the next day. It’s albums like this that give me hope along with original character to press on into the unknown deviations of our twisted world of thorns.

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