Darn Floor, Big Bite Re-issue by Daniel Amos

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2008 Arena Rock Recording Co.
Purchase: danielamos.com
Review by: Steve Ruff

The end of 2008 saw the re-release of D.A.’s classic album Darn Floor, Big Bite. This is Daniel Amos at their finest. Their website says, “Coming November 25, 2008! The classic album that remains the favorite among many DA fans is finally returning to CD! This Deluxe 2 disc Edition includes new artwork & packaging, 20 pages of liner notes and photos, a brand new interview with Terry Taylor, remastered audio and never-before-heard bonus material!” Obviously, there is a lot of stuff here. This original release had 10 tracks that ran the gamut of D.A.’s unclassifiable style. The line up here consisted of Terry Taylor, Ed McTaggart, Tim Chandler and Greg Flesch. This is a truly alternative album, and perhaps more consistent musically than many other D.A. releases. This was originally released in 1987 on Frontline Records, and one of my favorite things about this album is the choir that sings on the song, “The Shape Of Air,” which closes out the record. The choir consisted of Gene Eugene, Riki Michele, Mike Stand, Ric Alba and Jeff Crandall, as well as others. This was also the first time that Gene and Terry had done studio work together, which makes it even more special. I don’t know if there are ’stand out’ tracks here, because really the entire album is amazing. If you have never listened to D.A., this is a great introduction. If you already have the original release, pick up the re-master and give it a spin.

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