Dig by Adam Again


1992 Brainstorm
Review by: Matt Crosslin

This is where it started for me with Adam Again… the first album of theirs that I ever heard. This album, along with L.S.U.’s The Grape Prophet and Pray Naked by The 77s, also helped me transition from a diehard metal-head punk to a person with well-rounded musical tastes. Something about those guitar tones just really connected with me, but it was the well-crafted lyrics and excellent song structures that kept bringing me back time and time again. This is still the classic Adam Again album that I recommend as a starting point for anyone that is not familiar with the band.

And this really is a band effort where everyone shines. As a bass player, I have to point out the excellent bass lines from Paul Valdez that are everywhere. But lets not forget the skillful six-string work of Greg Lawless and Gene Eugene. Gene’s voice is it’s classic mournful self here, contrasted nicely by Riki Michele. Jon Knox also continues his solid drum work on his second album with the band.

As many friends of Gene have said, he agonized over the lyrics. He never wanted to have throw away lyrics. The lyrics on this album are just packed full of meaning, if you care to dig in (pun not intended). The first song tells you what to expect from the get-go: “Deep.” I can’t pick out a favorite song, because I love them all; nor can I point out any weak songs – because there isn’t one at all. You can find it for a few dollars on Amazon.com for now… but I’m voting for a re-issue… if anyone out there is keeping score….

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