In a New World of Time by Adam Again

newworldADAM AGAIN

1986 Blue Collar Records
Review by: Steve Ruff

The first release by the band who would become a staple in alternative Christian music. This is by far the most varied record that AA put out. Dating all the way back to 1986… but it was still unique and different for its time. This one is chock full of every genre you can imagine… R&B, rock, funk, soul and pop. The band sounds bright, fluid and full of life. To me Gene’s voice sounds a bit different then the other recordings that came later. This one would also be the most “Christian” release that they did with the majority of the songs centered on Christ or biblical issues. I’m not saying that the other releases are not “Christian,” this one is just more overt in that sense. Also, the cover art was done by the amazing, and now deceased, folk artist Howard Finister. If you don’t have this one it is still available through The Choir’s website as a download – – This is the only release that I know of that is still available outside of places like eBay, but you should also keep an eye on eBay as you can generally find it on CD and vinyl. The programmed drums here also give this a very ‘80’s feel. A worthy first offering by a band that still stands apart from the crowd.

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