Jump Ship Quick – Where Thieves Cannot Tread

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Great three piece Punk Rock band from Colorado featuring ex-members of Focused and Ultimatum. 16 tracks of melodic Hardcore reminiscent of a cross between Gorilla Biscuits/CIV and early Lagwagon. Nothing groundbreaking, but don’t let that stop you – these guys play tight and write great songs! The Gang vocals on “Through the Ears” reminds me of early Crucified and was very welcome through these ears, awesome opening track! Stand out tracks for me are “Here Come The Clowns”, “I Defy Your Violence”, and “My One True Hope”. Lyrical content is spiritual, political, heart felt, and uncompressed. The album sounds clean and huge, thanks to the production of Leanor Till (Five Iron Frenzy) and the mixing and mastering of Masaki Liu. So if you’re a fan of bands like early 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, NOFX, any of the previously mentioned bands or good Punk Rock in general, this album is for you!

[2012 Thumper Punk Records | Purchase: thumperpunkrecords.com/]

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