Live at Cornerstone by Adam Again


2000 M8 Music
2001 Galaxy 21 Music
Review by: Matt Crosslin

There are two versions of this live tribute show floating around out there – both pretty much out of print. The original version was released by M8 records as a three disc set. It included live sets from 1995 and 1997 as well as the 2000 Cornerstone tribute show. The 2001 Galaxy 21 re-issue (pictured on the left) doesn’t have the live shows from the 90s, but it does have a new track from Riki Michele and a bonus disc from Greg Lawless – his first solo album. The re-issue is much easier to find. Both have the live tribute concert that featured a who’s who of Alternative music singing Gene’s parts of classic Adam Again tunes. I was at this concert when it happened. It was a powerful night. There is really just no way to capture what was experienced in person that night. Emotions were high, understandably. Cornerstone was it’s usual hot, humid, muddy self… and this concert was late at night. But none of that stopped anyone from enjoying a great concert. This quality of the CD is really good, seeing that they had planned to record the show from the beginning. If you can hunt down the original M8 version, I would highly recommend it – that version contains some touching stories at the end from different friends of Gene. However, the re-issue is the better deal in my opinion, due to the new material it contains from Riki Michele and Greg Lawless. All of the new songs are totally different style-wise from than anything Adam Again ever did, but still solid music compositions all around.

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