Looserville by Crunchy

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A must have for all Galactic Cowboys fans. A very focused and solid release start to finish. A concept record about losers, love, loss, and rock n’ roll. Some of the heaviest riffs Monty Colvin has written as well as some of the most melodic catchy chorus’s you’ve heard in years – just try to not sing along. Colvin handles all the guitar, bass, and vocal duties on this album, just like on 2003’s Clown School Dropout (another solid release that I highly recommend). He also recorded and produced the album… as well as releasing it independently like he did for Clown School Dropout. Great layered vocal harmonies – Monty’s voice always reminded me a bit of John Lennon. Kerry Livgren of Kansas fame drops a guest solo on a song. So what you have is great Power Pop, Pop Punk, Metal, and Thrash – even a bit of Screamo influence can be heard in the chording. This one goes to 11!

[2007 Gasfist Records | Purchase: montycolvin.net]

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