Ride The Madness by Eva O

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Eva O may or may not be an unknown to many here. She has been one of the originators in the “death rock” scene. Probably best known for her band Shadow Project that she started with her late husband Rozz Williams, Eva O is a staple in the scene she helped create. She was married to Williams who fronted the band Christian Death, and many call Williams the originator of the death rock style which basically is a mix of punk rock and goth. Without getting too involved in her history or her story, let’s just review this classic album! This record caught many in the scene by surprise because Eva O had openly confessed to becoming a believer. She had an encounter with God and it carried over into her music. She released Damnation in 1999 and it was produced by none other than Eric Clayton of Saviour Machine and also released through MCM music.

This album is classic Eva O in style, and lyrically has her confronting her past in the darkness in which she lived. The music here is a vehicle that carries the depth and delivery of the emotion. The lyrics here are dark and are a narrative of her life, seen through her eyes. In true goth fashion this is theatrical by nature, and because the story was just being written, lyrically there is not redemption until the very end of this CD. Again, very dark and serious which you can tell from the haunting vocal at the beginning that chides “This is not make believe”. Musically this is what you expect from Eva O… crunchy, angry guitars backed by driven, bitter soaked vocals underneath a mountain of heavy beats. Great music and a great story if you can stomach it!

[1999 MCM Music]

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