Sombre Romantic by Virgin Black

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Virgin Black first released this album in 2000. Entitled Sombre Romantic, this disc is full of dark, ethereal, heavy, ambient and operatic songs. The music is diverse, at times very low and quiet, then it builds and breaks and crashes around the listener as the crescendo is reached in an heavy metal-ish dirge. There are many classical elements to this recording as well. The vocals here range from gritty to haunting, then chanting to everything else in between. Probably one of my favorite aspects of this record is the cello and the feel of being in a concert hall when listening… the echo, the somber restraint and the frenzied pace of what can best be described as ‘symphonic – gothic doom’. The lyrics here are heavy and introspective, but a definite reflection of faith in Jesus Christ and how our faith steadies us as we navigate the world and the emotions that surround us. Don’t let the corpse paint throw you off, these guys are rich in imagery, musicianship and emotion. A definite plus to your collection.

[2001 The End Records | Purchase:]

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