Surge Et Illuminare by Idle Lovell

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Before Saviour Machine, before Dead Artist Syndrome, there was Idle Lovell. Idle Lovell was a side project by Michael Knott designed to be only for non-Christian audiences. So, while this is not the first Christian Goth band, it is one of the earliest examples of Goth music made by Christian artists. This six-song vinyl album is very hard to find today, but well-worth the search if you are in to bands that play dark synth-based dance music like the Sisters of Mercy.

Two of the songs on this disc – “Shallow” and “I Can’t Wait” – were re-recorded by Knott on later albums. I like these early versions better. “Touch Me In the Wind”, the lead off track, was also included on the re-issue of The Lifesavers Poplife (of all places). If you have heard that track, then you pretty much know what to expect from the rest of this too short album.

This album was self-released (as the first album on Knott’s Blonde Vinyl records), so the production values are a bit thin. But to many fans, that only adds to the coolness. I’ve read that there are some weird ownership issues that might make a full re-issue of this album impossible. Too bad – this album needs to be heard.

[1984 Blonde Vinyl Records]

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