The Struggle Remixes by Seventh Circle

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Since we talked about Seventh Circle’s album The Struggle in the interview, I figured we would just review The Struggle Remixes here. Below is the review, straight from Adam Pederson so you get the full scoop from the artist himself.

There is one remix of each track from the album and it’s about 62 1/2 minutes long, about 6 minutes longer than the actual album. For the short instrumentals I did something called an “Elements” remix, which was basically using certain tracks from the song and remixing them… adding nothing new. Just an interesting take on the track and usually showcasing something that was buried or quiet in the original mix. A few of the remixes I added and changed things a bit, the song still being recognizable, just a fairly different or very different feel to it. There really are no electronic elements at all. I didn’t feel any of the songs really called for it although I’d like to do something like that in the future for upcoming albums. Two remixes were done by friends and they are also basically alternate takes on the song often giving a different feeling overall. The title track is simply a guitar mix of the song. I loved the guitar work in it and decided to do a mix that showcased that. “The Funeral” mix is the original mix that Eric (Clayton of Saviour Machine) and I did when we were mixing the album. It’s about 6 minutes longer than the album version and is a very interesting, yet pretentious, ending to the track. In the end, we decided it just didn’t work for the album so I did an alternate version. The remix of “October” is on the Seventh Circle MySpace page. I will put another remix up there soon as well.

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