2Minute Minor – Blood on Our Front Stoop

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2Minute Minor is all about unity, good will, positivity, helping our fellow humans (and animals), and packing 13 songs into a 7-inch ep. I know that most people that say that today are faking it to some degree, but these guys come across as sincere to the core. Which is refreshing. Yes, they are a faster punk band… but they don’t always play every song at break neck speed. They just get to the point and get it done. 2Minute Minor shares some band members with October Bird of Death (including their vocalist Wiley Willis), but 2Minute Minor is faster and more old school punk than October Bird of Death. No pop punk cliché here. Just old school hardcore punk beats and healthy dose of social consciousness. In other words, they have the speed, but they don’t hit the same three chords over and over again. Old school 80s hardcore punk the way it was meant to be.

[2018 Zap Records | Purchase: 2minuteminor.bandcamp.com]

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