Aberrations of Light – Banuary

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This ep almost slipped through the cracks. That would be a shame if it did, because this is an excellent album of drone/ambient/instrumental music. Aberrations of Light is Mark Skelton, who set out to record one song a month for a year. The song titles are those dates – so it looks like we only have half a year so far. If I am reading the BandCamp page correctly, this is all mostly guitar and various effects (and maybe some samples of some type of instructional program that I hear in the background?). The ep’s own self-description is the best I can think of to describe it: “a gorgeous and meditative recording of billowing and cascading guitar tones.” The July entry is out of order, and is about twice the length of the other songs. I wonder if there is a hidden meaning there? I would agree with others that it is my favorite track on the album. It serves as a good climax to album, with a final December track to finish out with. But if you like to listen to ambient beauty with a good dose of drone to ponder life or enjoy the scenery with, I would recommend checking out this ep. Also available in cassette form, probably perfect for a road trip down memory lane in an old car that still has a cassette player.

[2017 Independent | Purchase: https://aberrationsoflight.bandcamp.com]

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