Advent – Pain & Suffering

Advent, a four piece band from North Carolina, came on my radar through the Bridge Nine Records label. I was unaware of their previous incarnation as Beloved, a band that you might remember being on Solid State Records back in 2008 and 2009. Beloved broke up around 2011, and Advent formed in 2015. Their first release is the four song EP Pain and Suffering, and this is a solid release! Everything that I love about hardcore is on here; the breakdowns, the blast beats, and the riffs that chug along with the force of a locomotive about to run off the tracks! What’s not to love? These guys have been snatching accolades from the scene for a few years now. I came late to this party, but if Advent is the future of hardcore, we’re in capable hands! A must have!

[2017 Bridge Nine Records | Purchase:]

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