Basement Tapes

basement-tapesNot sure how to review this entire compilation without hitting each song individually. Which I don’t know if I have time for, since there are so many! I’m not sure why I expected more singer-songwriter songs, but there are some nice rock, alternative, punk, and electronic songs in the mix. Mike Indest did a killer job of pulling this group of songs together, and getting a cool Michael Knott painting for the cover to boot! So, you have Human 2.7 (dark electronica), Theo Obrastoff (rock with a bit of groove), Jon Jordan (one acoustic and one hard rocking), Jim Wiita (quirky acoustic), Eddie Parrino (soulful acoustic rock), And How (unique acoustic rock), Straighteners & Fasteners (experimental lo-fi). Jeff Elbel of Ping (cool cover of The Choir’s “Blue Skies”), the b-attitudes (alternative rock (capital R!)), Western Grace featuring Jason Groff (fiery punk), John Piccari (driving alternative rock), The Radiant Dregs (lo-fi acoustica), Dw Dunphy (lush serenades), and Mike Indest (groovy surf rock). Every song is killer. And it is all free! Check it out on the collective BandCamp site and give it a download. This is the new underground!

[2014 Down the Line Collective | Download:]

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