Breakups and Fur Coats by Hidden From Blackout

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2009 Hill Deg Maria Records

Review by: Steve Ruff

Rick McDonough has finally released Hidden From Blackout’s first album entitled Breakups and Fur Coats. I have been waiting on this for disc for a long time and I was excited when I dropped by the post this morning and found the disc there waiting. The anticipation has been growing, and let me say that even on just the first listen, I LOVE this album. The first song is ‘As Noon’ and it captured me right away… from the soft strumming of the acoustic guitar over the melancholy of the keyboards creating an atmosphere of gentleness and repose – the vocals are ethereal and haunting, but beautiful and sad in a desperate sort of way. This music evokes emotion, from the lump in my throat to the awakening of my heart… this is true beauty. Another stand out track that got me off first listen was ‘Fade’. I can best describe it as beautiful, soothing and timeless, as if space were turned inside out. Each song here is like a journey, with free flowing forms and sonic backdrops that are full of melody and movement. Hidden From Blackout is an intangible journey from beginning to end. This disc is tenacious while still being delicate and is pleasure to the ears and the mind.

All of the words and music here is from Rick/Hidden From Blackout, but there are contributions from a couple other fine musicians. Christopher Bright from the bands A Movement Upwards and Paravell (where he also plays with Rick) contributes drums on 3 tracks. Michael Knott plays guitar on the song ’Space’  as well as recording, mixing and producing along  with Rick. This is a must buy record!

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