Changing of the Guard by Starflyer 59

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Jason Martin keeps the ever-evolving entity that is SF59 rolling through another album. This time, Martin goes for a more acoustic and organic sound while still keeping many elements that sound like his last few albums. But there are also a few new twists thrown in. Like the sound of tablas that starts off the first song – a nice touch of world music that unfortunately is not repeated anywhere else on the album. As a Starflyer fan, I have to admit that I liked the album the first time I heard it. The strange this is, every song seems to blend together as you listen to the whole album, but if you go back and listen to each song individually you can note subtle differences. Actually, I would say this album is probably more of a grower – I love it now whereas I just liked it when I first heard it. If you are in to records, make sure to get the Burnt Toast vinyl version that comes with a bonus seven inch.

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