Deni Gauthier – Quiet Town

QuietTownAlright, stick with me here. I don’t want to scare people off, because this is a different album for Deni. But trust me, the difference is good. Quiet Town is more textured, deeper, richer, and more of a grower than Deni’s previous albums. Not that his previous work wasn’t deep – this just seems to go deeper. Quiet Town is one of those albums that strikes you as different on the first listen, but you’re not sure about it. However, you are sure you are intrigued by it. So you go back to listen again. Which then leaves you feeling that you’re still not sure what you think, but you can feel the music getting its hooks into you. So you listen again, and again, until finally you are telling yourself: “I wish this was on vinyl.” Oh, but wait: it will be! “Into the West” starts off with a strong feeling of nostalgia and longing – I’m not even sure what is making that spaceship sound in the beginning, but it’s pretty cool. “Silly Boy” is a bit of a fun, rambling song that dips into Americana territory. Then there is the cover of “In The Air Tonight” that adds an interesting sonic twist near the end before the album closes with the hopeful song “Gospel.” A hopeful song with no real lyrics? Yeah, you have to hear it to know what I mean. For those that want a good, deep album to dig into with layers of sounds and lyrics, I can’t recommend this one enough.

[2014 Independent | Pre-order:]

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